TAD is the main product that is being developed by us. It is like a complete operating system for architects offices. It hopes to contribute to all the areas in an architect's office. Currently, the designing module is ready.

TAD is NOT an Autodesk product!

TAD (The Architect's Desktop) is a trademark that could be deemed registered by usage: It has been in use since 1989; much before Autodesk came up with a similar sounding name for theirs. Unlike the Autodesk version; TAD concerns itself with everything that an architect does. It is a work thats still under development; though parts of it is ready

The open source movement in software has resulted in the production of several high quality software. The reason is simple: The source code was not obfuscated but instead was made available for scrutiny. We believe that this attitude is percolating in other fields too: Open source movement in architecture happens when an architect is willing to share the representation of the design right through the design process. TAD can be an effective tool for this movement.

It has its own website www.teamtad.com